Touching Your Toes, Because Weekends Are Supposed to Be Fun

“I can’t even reach my toes” is an exasperated statement I hear commonly in both my chiropractic clinic and yoga classes from both men and women. I interpret this statement to mean, “I want to, but I have limitations.” Sometimes, it is said in the context of genuine...

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A Whimsical Wellness Blog

The Bend at Whitefish “Why Whitefish?”, I have been asked many times since my arrival in the late fall of 2016. I am here because it became my happy place. I made the trek to Montana from Idaho as a personal retreat each year in 2010. Four days turned into five and...

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Bones & Breath, In Essence

Let me introduce myself. This is a new blog written by a chiropractor who also teaches yoga and lives deep in the wild mountains of Montana. At the age 48 I took a huge leap of faith by packing up everything I owned in Idaho to move to a new town and start a new life....

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