Let me introduce myself.

This is a new blog written by a chiropractor who also teaches yoga and lives deep in the wild mountains of Montana. At the age 48 I took a huge leap of faith by packing up everything I owned in Idaho to move to a new town and start a new life. Why? Because, it was time.

I, Dr. Erika Putnam, could not quiet the soft voice and gut sensation inside begging me to get free. To get away from a life that was stressful and contradicting the essence of who I felt I really was-am. I reached the point of being willing to walk through whatever life was presenting to return to that peaceful place that I knew existed in my heart and mind. It meant leaving my 23 year old son, my sister’s family, my parents, and a lifetime of friends and memories. It put a 600 mile distance between my home town and my new life. It meant accepting and risking that I had not secured work and that I had no friends or community to support my new business venture. It meant stuffing my life’s belongings into a much smaller home and keeping many of my possessions in a storage unit.

And, it meant, Montana. Rustic, wild, cougars in your yard, hauling wood up 16 steps every day, shoveling snow, grizzly bears, deer eating my flowers, and hoping I don’t choke on a cracker when I am home alone. Neighbors are few and far between, as they say, a mile or so “as the crow flies”. Montana is also, open space, saturated pine views, deep snow in winter and gargantuan mountain ranges in every direction. Montana is sweet summer on the patio and brutally masculine everywhere in the fall. It is a place that brings you up to your every edge if you let it. I wanted a piece of that.

Bones & Breath will be a place for my strange mix of essence to come to life. A place to expand, explore and be with the nature of life’s offerings from my unique perspective. It will include health from the holistic model of health care, yoga, wellness and integration from the background of 20 years in practice. Including, rather than excluding, the relationships we all have to our internal perspective, our external world, our heart space and our spiritual existence. It will embrace the true nature of what lights me up and brings me peace and ease. I believe this is how we fight disease. By actively practicing a life we love. Maybe,… changing everything. Maybe… embracing all of who we are and perhaps letting a lot of things go.

This blog is meant to incorporate not only health and wellness but my unique flavor of living life, including life in this hearty, earthy wilderness and sharing the things I love and enjoy as they inspire me or touch me deeply. Recognizing that they will not all resonate. Take what you will, trust the serendipitous nature of the laws of attraction. Love what you love even more.

Thank you for joining me as I walk through this beautiful life and as I begin living from and writing about the experience of living a life that honors my true nature.  As I find my way, I hope it encourages you as you find you own unique way. We are all in this together, in essence.

Warm Regards.

Dr. Erika Putnam