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What do you see in this photo? In my eyes it looks like a loving father sharing the great outdoors with his child and I can’t help but notice his forward head posture. It concerns me greatly.  This man is likely not in pain or thinking about the long term consequence of this postural strain. However, what I know is that over time if there is enough force directed at one place continually (unconsciously) eventually it will become weaker and weaker and if not reinforced or corrected, it will lose integrity, wear out prematurely.


Chiropractic, simply put, removes stress, hopefully, before it is too late.  This allows the spine to move more fully and reduces the forces of life stresses and gravity.  When movement is distributed evenly between segments, it reduces the wear of concentrated movement in a particular place.
In order to have good posture four things are needed.  One, strong muscles to support balanced alignment.  Two, flexible muscles to allow normal positioning .  Three, joint mobility to allow normal ranges of motion throughout the skeleton. Four, your participation.
Proper posture is the foundation of future physical mobility.  With a strong and flexible back you have the foundation to run, jump, endure long car rides and the physical activities you enjoy.  Chiropractic adjustments allow you to keep mobility.  Chiropractic cannot restore proper posture or reduce spinal stress without your help. You must accept and take on the responsibility of preventative adjustments, exercise and stretching.
Next time you tell yourself that you, your kids or grandkids don’t need adjusted, think again.  Chiropractic is not only for back pain it is for everyone who wants to have, maintain and keep good posture and joint mobility.
When you wait for pain to be the motivator of taking action it takes longer and requires more care to repair and restore the damage already begun by posture alone. Be mindful to having good posture. Exercise to prevent slumping, a defeated physical appearance and improve the body language that conveys the importance of taking good care of yourself or your body.Sit up straight and have a great day!  If it makes you tired, get an adjustment and practice postural exercises.


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