Stay on the healthy path over the holidays with these quick tips from our health partners at The Bend.

Dr. Erika Putnam, Chiropractic Physician, The Bend,, 406-888-6044

Dr. Tara Wilcox, Naturopathic Physician,, 406-672-7160

Justin Gable, LCPC,, 817-301-9205

Tis the season to keep your body, mind, & spirit elevated.

For the next 8 weeks the practitioners working at The Bend will be posting health tips for the holidays.

Each has a particular specialty. Dr. Putnam will offer chiropractic, yoga and wellness tips. Dr. Wilcox will be sharing nutrition, prevention and alternative health advise. Jesse Gable will direct thoughtful ideas for mental and emotional well being. Together we desire to provide you a sense of enjoyment and health for your holiday season.

Dr. Putnam: Your well being deserves your attention and commitment. During the holidays don’t let your priorities go because you are short on time or have overcommitted yourself to other people or things. Gift yourself with a plan for success and prioritize now for the holiday season.

1) Plan to get up early for exercise and/or meditation each day. Choose 20-30 minutes. Don’t settle for none.

2) Make appointments for self & health care now. Set up times to see your wellness team before the New Year. Make your massage, chiropractic, dentistry, primary care, counseling, acupuncture, hair, and nails appointments through December. Making yourself a priority and managing your time is good practice in self care.

3) Plan exercise activities or classes and stick to them. Maintain a state of personal connection with your physical body and you will be less tempted to steer away in the face of holiday spirits and indulgences.

4) Decide your daily net caloric intake and use a phone app to keep track during the holidays. Staying committed to your plan will feel better than regret for gluttony.

5) Remind yourself daily that your actions of commitment to wellbeing support your peace of mind and your physical body. You will project a positive and joyous influence to your friends and family. during the holiday season.1

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