Chiropractic After Surgery

I wish all surgeons would recommend chiropractic post surgically. If you are under anesthesia, chances are your body has been in an unnatural position for a period of time. When muscles are relaxed and the conscious mind can’t move itself to protect us, it makes sense...

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A Change of Heart to Improve Your Health

As we approach Valentine’s Day, the season of chocolate covered strawberries, I boldly ask the question “How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?” Are you still committed or did your enthusiasm wane a little with each week or at your first setback? If you are...

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Posture is WHY we ALL need adjusted. Kids too!

What do you see in this photo? In my eyes it looks like a loving father sharing the great outdoors with his child and I can't help but notice his forward head posture. It concerns me greatly.  This man is likely not in pain or thinking about the long term consequence...

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Yoga for Hunters

   It took me 16 days to tag a Dall sheep in Alaska last year. If it weren’t for my yoga practice, I don’t think I could have stayed mentally strong or returned home injury free. I’m 49 years old, so my yoga doesn’t look like sitting cross-legged under a tree and...

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Touching Your Toes, Because Weekends Are Supposed to Be Fun

“I can’t even reach my toes” is an exasperated statement I hear commonly in both my chiropractic clinic and yoga classes from both men and women. I interpret this statement to mean, “I want to, but I have limitations.” Sometimes, it is said in the context of genuine...

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