Children’s spines are subjected to stress and stain just like adults. They absorb shock and force better and often misalignments are not as uncomfortable to a child as they are to an adult. However, they are just as concerning. Children are growing and proper alignment and nerve function insure healthy development and growth.

Whether a child is out of alignment from falls while learning to crawl or from falling off their skateboard they should be checked regularly for spinal alignment. Preferably beginning when they are first born as birth and delivery may compress and misalign the spine. If there was birth trauma or use with forceps or other delivery aids chiropractic care should be considered.

Parents regularly have a dentist check childrens teeth for cavities because we understand the consequences of poor dental hygiene. Checking for chiropractic misalignment is similar but people don’t necessary understand spinal hygiene is equally as important. Spinal misalignments cause nerve interference that can result in changes to the corresponding organs, muscles, blood supply and tissues that are necessary for growth and development. Correcting misalignments prevents problems from developing. Chiropractic care helps kids with asthma, skin conditions, bed wetting, constipation, headaches, sleeping disorders and more.