The Solution to Writers Slump is Good Posture


Writers Slump. How do we get it? How can we avoid it? How Good Writing Posture & Habits Will Help You Get More Words on the Page (And, Prevent Back Pain) A slump is a slump. If you don’t do something about it, it will get worse. Whether words on a page or slouching at […]

The Best Pillows For Neck & Back Pain

Best Pillow For Neck Back Pain

The best pillows and beds for pain are the ones that offer the best support for your unique body. Different people require different things. To find the right pillow or bed you must consider past injuries, current medical conditions, fitness level, habits and medical conditions like arthritis. All of these affect the spine. Therefore, they affect how you adapt to structural change. Bodies are unique.

The Bends in the Forest

As a chiropractor I spend a good part of my day feeling for or watching ranges of motion of the bendable, moving, dynamic structures of the spine and limbs.