Consider the bends of your life. Life is simply better when you can touch your toes. We bend to greet our furry friends, dip on the dance floor, throw back our head to laugh, and squat to tie the laces of our favorite shoes.

Our ability to bend forwards, backwards and sideways gives us freedom to enjoy an active lifestyle and naturally impacts our quality of life and livelihood.

All lives include movements like bending, twisting, squatting, rolling over and shock absorption. Quite possibly even more in Whitefish, Montana were we play and live an adventurous lifestyle. One that requires feeling physically well in order to fully appreciate the offerings of nature. Whether hiking, snowshoeing, golfing or doing other less demanding activities, we need to take care of ourselves. Over time injuries and the subtle wear and tear we endure from poor or demanding postures, repetitive movements and over or under use accumulate and influence our health and wellbeing.

At The Bend we offer integrated health solutions. Chiropractic to help relieve current conditions and prevent new ones. Yoga to build strength and flexibility to support and stabilize the body and mind. For those who are interested in exploring yoga we have a cozy yoga studio in the clinic for therapeutic rehabilitation, general classes and private and group yoga.

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245 2nd Street West, Whitefish, Montana

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We take a whole person approach to health at The Bend by bringing balance through hands-on treatment, active participation, and physician-directed care plans. We address the broader influences of healing and aim to improve long term individual wellness. Simply knowing that all phases of life require different approaches, we offer a variety of solutions.

Are we a good fit for you? New clients can schedule a no-charge 15 minute consultation to find out more about our clinic and doctor. 

Call 406.888.6044 to make an appointment. We look forward to exploring your health with you.  

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