Keeping People Active Through
Body, Mind &  Movement.

At The Bend chiropractic & Yoga in whitefish, we help relieve back pain AND BODY PAIN. WE treat YOUR physical conditions to keep you HEALTHY AND active.


The Bends holistic approach includes chiropractic treatments, yoga to builds strength and flexibility, and physician guidance to support and stabilize the body and mind. We want to keep you biking the Whitefish Trails, hiking in Glacier National Park, or any activity that keeps you mentally fit and feeling your best. 

“I had no idea stress was taking such a toll on my body until I started experienceing the results of  Dr. Erika’s treatments. She cares about every facet of my well being from nutrition to food allergies and overall health. She’s keeping me active and at my very best. If you’re feeling any kind of discomfort or pain, go see her NOW!”

– Connie Cermak, Whitefish

Consider the everyday bends in your life. Our ability to bend forwards, backward and sideways gives us the freedom to enjoy an active lifestyle and naturally impacts our quality of life and livelihood. 

Life is better when we can bend our spines and joints to touch our toes. We bend to greet our furry friends. We dip on the dance floor, throwback our head to laugh, and squat to tie our shoelaces. 

Bending, twisting, squatting, and rolling over requires shock absorption. When your body can move appropriately and you feel physically well, it’s easier to appreciate Montana’s outdoor lifestyle. Whether hiking, snowshoeing, golfing, or doing other less demanding activities, we need to take care of ourselves. Small aches and pains can go from annoying to debilitating if left untreated. I talk about my own struggle with pain and provide tips on treatment, nutrition and exercise on my blog, which you can read here

Over time injuries and the subtle wear and tear we endure from poor or demanding postures, repetitive movements and over or under use accumulate and result in back pain and degeneration. At The Bend Chiropractic & Yoga in Whitefish, our goal is to treat existing injuries and help prevent new injuries so you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

For those interested in exploring yoga we have a cozy yoga studio in the clinic for therapeutic rehabilitation, general classes and private and group yoga.

And we accept most major insurances. Please contact us with any questions, or to schedule your first visit.