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Natural Holistic Correction

Healing is a process. Health is a lifestyle.

Ease back pain and prevent future problems.

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A Holistic Approach with Chiropractic Care

We take a whole person approach and include your personal health concerns. Your treatment is physician guided and includes rehabilitation, wellness practices and lifestyle coaching to restore and stabilize alignment of the body, as well as the mind-body relationships.

At The Bend we have a holistic approach to chiropractic care to correct conditions of the spine and extremities.

We incorporate physician directed rehabilitation  and for those interested we incorporate yoga to build strength and flexibility.

Included with care are personalized direction and recommendations for health habits for long term spinal health hygiene. 



“Dr. Putnam cares about every facet of my well being from keeping me pain free to overseeing my nutrition, and my overall health. I see her weekly to help keep my back and neck in good health after spending hours at the computer. If you’re feeling any kind of discomfort or pain, I encourage you to see her!”
Connie, Whitefish


Dr. Erika Putnam Chiropractor

Chiropractic is similar to dentistry. Both professions take care of bone and soft tissue health. Each provide treatments for specific problems and both recommend regular check ups and home care for prevention.

In dentistry it is recommended to have regular cleaning and check ups to evaluate the health of the mouth, gums and teeth. Brushing and flossing are recommended to do between cleanings to prevent tarter build up and tooth decay.

Chiropractors recommend regular checkups and adjustments to evaluate joint mobility and function (irrelevent of pain). Exercise and stretching are recommended between corrections to prevent degeneration and imbalances of the spinal joints and nervous system.

In both fields of medicine, once someone has pain, the damage is already in progress and treatment is initiated for a particular problem.

Back and joint pain can result from injuries but, like tooth problems, they are often the result of cumulative neglect and age-related wear and tear.

Often people seek chiropractic treatment when they experience pain and chiropractic care is a proven and effective treatment in many cases. And, chiropratic care that is individually regimented is for long term spinal health is recommended  just as regular dental care reduces problems and extends health over a lifetime. 

Consider the everyday bends in your life. If you want to bend, twist, squat, reach, or even, roll over you need strength, flexibility and balance.

Out of necessity we bend our spine and joints to do things like tie our shoelaces. Out of excitement we bend to greet furry friends. For fun we play sports or recreate or engage in full body laughter.

Life is better when we can stand up with ease,  get in and out of a car without support and roll over in bed without wincing.

After an episode of back pain it feels great to lift and twist with confidence again. The ability to bend forward, backwards and sideways impacts our quality of life and livelihood.To be  physically well permits doing what we love in full participation instead of with fear or hesitation. 


Life is in motion. Adjustments are normal and necessary.

Chiropractic care focuses on correcting spinal fixations with adjustments to improve motion while removing interference in order for the spine to move as it was designed. The body is meant to move about and absorb shocks in order to allow activities like hunting, gathering and partaking in life. Especially, the good life offered in Montana like hiking in Glacier National Park, Fishing the Northfork, golfing, skiing, snowshoeing or enjoying the view while sitting on your favorite patio. 

Pain needs managed and so do lifestyles. It’s important to keep the bigger pictures of life’s joys in mind on the road to recovery.

Doctor and patient jointly partner on the wellness journey. Consider this perspective about doctor-patient relationships from Dr Putnam’s blog or read about her own struggle with pain and her personal reflection on treatment, nutrition and exercise.  read here.

Consider this body-mind-spirit wisdom as it relates to chiropractic. Health is motion. Stagnation is sickness. Chiropractic treatment is based on removing interference, restoring movement, and allowing flow which are conditions for a healthy, homeostatic environment.

Ask Us About Insurance

We accept most major insurances. Some insurance benefits include exercise rehabilitation training and yoga.

 We also accept insurance related to auto accidents and workman’s compensation.

 Please contact us with any insurance coverage questions prior scheduling your chiropractic treatment. 

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Back Pain, Disc Problems & Spinal Degeneration

Over time, injuries and the subtle wear and tear we endure from poor or demanding postures can result in back pain. Repetitive overuse and movements like bending and twisting can result in degeneration and arthritis. A history of disc herniation can accelerate spinal aging and arthritis. “Bad backs” need regular care to reduce chronic back pain and treatment for flare ups that so often follow as a result of disc injury, car accident or other mishap.

Treatment with chiropractic care reduces back and neck pain and safety cares for disc problems or degeneration that causes  numbess, tingling or weakness in the arms, hands, legs, buttocks or feet.

Chiropractic physician instructed yoga for back pain. Help, don't hurt your body.

Whatever your experience, from never to advanced, yoga can help. It’s especially helpful for yoga students who experience pain in yoga poses. Yoga instruction with the doctor also allows for personalized instruction and modifications to help you not hurt yourself. Taking yoga classes or private lessons with Dr. Putnam will help you:

  • Practice safe and pain free yoga poses.
  • Understand the best yoga for your body or physical condition.
  • Learn modifications for yoga so it won’t hurt or further harm you.
  • Update your current practice to meet your health goals and physical limitations.
  • Improve your awareness about things you might be doing thinking they are good for you, when in fact, they might be disruptive for your particular spine or condition.
  • Learn about the mind-body-spirit connection to speed healing or sustain wellness as a practice.
  • Contact us. We’d love to schedule a private or small group yoga class for you.  
Yoga at home woman rolling exercise mat in living room of house or apartment condo for morning wellness yoga practice.

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