Stay on the healthy path over the holidays with these quick tips from our health partners at The Bend.

Dr. Erika Putnam, Chiropractic Physician, The Bend  


Dr. Tara Wilcox, Naturopathic Physician,,   406-672-7160

Justin Gable, LCPC,, 817-301-9205

Tis the season to keep your body, mind, & spirit elevated.  

Week 2 is all about intention and preparation. See what our each of our practitioners have to of say.  

Dr. Putnam: Have a little fun with the idea of intention. Intend to do one healthy thing each day. That could be a sun salute, some stretches in the shower or a 10 minute walk up the road. Commit to do one proactive healthy thing to support not only your spine, and physical body but to stay aligned with your long term health plan. Creating small steps in the right direction is the path to success.

Dr. Wilcox:  Try putting intention into what and how you eat.  These days most of us are quick to eat a meal on the go.  Be mindful of one meal or snack per day.   Sit down and allow yourself not to rush.  Enjoy what you are eating with your senses. Food takes time and resting to digest.  Give yourself time when you are eating to rest enough to encourage digestion.  Reconnecting eating food with nourishing your body helps you make healthier food choices. Follow your attention to eating with gratitude; your body works hard for you every day!

Justin Gable: Set yourself up for success when setting new intentions. Imagine, you want to set the intention to journal this holiday season. If you’re not already in the habit of journaling then be weary of setting the intention to journal everyday for the next month. Setting too lofty of intentions often leads to giving up after missing a day. Disruptions will arise—seek to be gracious with yourself. So, if journaling is the intention and you do it 3 times over the next week, then celebrate that new victory. You have now done something healthy for yourself 3 times more this week than last. Congrats! 

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