Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care specializes in relief for spinal and neck pain but it encompasses more because patient’s lives are complicated. Consideration of how injuries happen, the state of one’s health, a persons stress level, lifestyle practices and more all influence the diagnosis and treatment of people, not just conditions.

 Treating a ninety year old for pain is just as important as adjusting the spine to improve mobility for the athlete. Not all treatment is based on pain relief. Patient’s needs are important and sometimes you need a doctor who will talk to you honestly about your posture or smoking, or who will look at you through the lens of being a hunter training for deer season. What matters to you personally, as well as your long term goals, is just as important as making the swelling go down. It all matters in the bigger picture of wellness.

Over time, chiropractic has evolved to include treatment for specific conditions as well as supportive care for aging, pregnancy, and sports enhancement as a way of improving mobility to make one’s overall life and lifestyle better.

Step 1:
What is the matter?
A thorough history and examination will be conducted at your first appointment or any new injury or flare up, That information with be considered along with lifestyle contributing factors to determine if treatment can be initiated or if further diagnostic tests like x-rays, mri’s or blood work are needed. Some people are good candidates for traditional chiropractic manipulation and treatment, other people need a more comprehensive care plan. The intensity and complexity of the individual will determine the best care for your condition.

Step 2:
Chiropractic care may be straightforward or complex. Your goals and circumstances will be considered before proceeding with treatment. Often factors like age, arthritis, diet, exercise, smoking, medications and even attitude can make improvement go quicker or slower. Addressing these lifestyle factors are part of the overall considerations of outcomes from care.

Step 3:
Repair, remodeling, healing.
Getting better depends on you. Our bodies are the cumulative expression of the life we have lived and our genetics. We have what we have. We are a product of our environment and we can greatly influence our recovery by improving and stabilizing our environment. In order for tissues to heal they may need adjustments, rest, rehabilitative exercises and good nutrition. Treatment is a joint effort between the doctor, the patient and the environment to create conditions for full recovery.

Affordable payment plans are available to fit your monthly budget.

Other Services:

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