Individual Yoga with Dr. Erika Putnam

Why do one-on-one yoga? There are many reasons.

For some individuals, private yoga instruction is an opportunity to evaluate the body and learn postures with emphasis on alignment, stability, and form. Together we will determine the best yoga practice for your lifestyle.

Some beginners are conscious of their lack of experience, flexibility, or are body conscious. Private instruction is a way to get to know your body better and to build confidence to move on to group yoga classes. 


The Cost

For Private, One-On-One Yoga Class

The cost for private yoga instruction is $125 per class. Packages are available so please contact Dr. Putnam to inquire about what your goals are for your instruction. If you are not currently a patient in Dr. Erika’s chiropractic care, please contact us to discuss any injuries or conditions you have knowing that you are in the very caring hands of someone who understands the journey to wellbeing and staying active. 

Call Us To Schedule Your Yoga:  406-888-6044

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    New To Yoga?

    Yoga is a wonderful way to feel better, get stronger, center your mind, become more aware of your body, alleviate stress, and become more relaxed. And the best part is that age and body type doesn’t matter.  You’re never too young or too old to start practicing yoga. If you are unsure where to start or have concerns about whether or not yoga is for you, join a class or take a private lesson. 

    Is Yoga For Me?

    Yoga is for everyone, whether you are coordinated or not, short or tall, an athlete or a couch potato. It is accessible to all body types, shapes, and ages. Consider yoga if you are seeking health and wellness and want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga can be as restful or as rigorous as you want it to be and modification can be provided for most body types and health conditions. The benefits include core strengthening, toning, improved balance, and feeling more relaxed and connected to your physical and emotional body.

    Helpful Tips For First Time Guests:

    • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early before your first class to fill out new member consent form.
    • Wear something comfortable. Layers may be best.
    • Bring a mat if you have one or we have a few to loan or purchase.
    • Bring a water bottle (with lid) and towel.
    • Let the teacher know about any health issues or concerns before class. If you have a serious injury, medical condition or are pregnant, please check with your physician before beginning yoga.
    • We are here to help.  Ask us anything or email us.