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The Solution to Writers Slump is Good Posture


Writers Slump. How do we get it? How can we avoid it? How Good Writing Posture & Habits Will Help You Get More Words on the Page (And, Prevent Back Pain) A slump is a slump. If you don’t do something about it, it will get worse. Whether words on a page or slouching at […]

A Good Reason to Say “Come Here” During COVID 19

We cannot always see what is threatening us. The best defense against COVID-19 is precautionary distance and disinfectant. Isolation may mitigate the risk of contracting the virus, but will you survive if you become victim to it? If we survive this virus will we take other threats to our health more seriously? We live in […]

Hunting Coyotes and Making Memories with Dad

We walked a slow mile from the truck to the top of the ridge where I am now crouched behind a rock. My fingers are starting to get cold. Snow is falling softly from the late afternoon sky. We are disguised by the desert sage that surrounds us in every direction.  Underneath my camouflage woolies […]

The Best Pillows For Neck & Back Pain

Best Pillow For Neck Back Pain

The best pillows and beds for pain are the ones that offer the best support for your unique body. Different people require different things. To find the right pillow or bed you must consider past injuries, current medical conditions, fitness level, habits and medical conditions like arthritis. All of these affect the spine. Therefore, they affect how you adapt to structural change. Bodies are unique.

Back Pain Relief; The Ultimate Guide

Back Pain Sciatica Woman Chiropractor Whitefish

Back pain has many variables and returning to health can be complicated but it is not impossible. Listening to and responding to your body signals in a timely manner is one of the best things you can do for your health. Chiropractor, Dr. Erika Putnam, in Whitefish, Montana covers many of the causes and treatments for back pain relief in this Ultimate Guide.

Supplements or Salmon? (nutrition requirements are a moving target)

Supplements & Salmon

People are in varying states of health. Some folks are in optimal health with vitality and others are in a stage of disease. Most, are in between stages of health. They are either repairing and gaining on their health or moving closer to symptoms of disease. We are either in the process of degenerating or regenerating. Anabolism or catabolism. Health is not static, so where you are on the health spectrum dictates your requirements for exercise, nutrients, sleep and maybe even supplementation or medication.

Doctor-Patient Relationship: 3 ways to make it the best (EVER)

chiropractor Erika Putnam adjusting the spine

3 Things to consider when you want the best EVER doctor-patient relationship. Your chiropractic physician should understand how to treat your body and also help you improve your overall health. Find one that will treat you in relationship to your whole life.

Thumb Pain Relief Lets You Make Projects Again

Making a spoon might not be the biggest deal in the world, but it is when you have had thumb pain for 9 months. All of that digging against the grain and gripping is no easy task when your squeeze is reduced to a squish. Those of you with thumb and hand pain can relate. […]

His Name is Carhartt

His name is Carhartt , he is 11 weeks old. He bonks his head and rolls off of the leather couch and I catch myself thinking, lil dude, I’m gonna need to adjust you when we get to the office today. I have been in the chiropractic world since I was 15 years old. After […]

Black Friday Yoga Inspires Moderation

Before 6:00 AM yesterday morning I was sitting in my recliner in front of the fireplace preparing a yoga class to teach on Black Friday. I decided the theme, moderation, was in order. Excesses came to mind as I envisioned myself with family and friends, a wine glass in hand, plate after platter of appetizers, […]